Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Breaking through the comfort zone

By Brandon Tucker
September 20, 2011 11:55 AM ET

LA QUINTA, Calif -- If you're one of those golfers who can't seem to break through your handicap, look to Scott Mraule for hope. 

Mraule is competing in the Championship Flight of this year's National Championship. Back in 2007, he won the National Championship in the Sarazen Flight in just his second year playing golf. 

In a matter of a few years, he's taken his game from a 20-handicap into the Championship Flight with a handicap under 4. 

But speaking with Mraule, you'll discover his rise isn't just a case of dumb luck. 

"I go out to the range every night and hit 150-300 balls," he said. "I work on putting in my living room, when I can find the time I work on the short game." 

That repetition, plus a lot of action in competition - he's played 13 events in 2011 - leads to confidence. 

"It's about forgetting bad shots," he said. "And having trust in yourself." 

Mraule certainly has no fear of going low. He's carded as low as 68 and has gone under par many more times. He thinks he can play competitively for the next ten years.

After two days at nationals, Mraule finds himself with more work to do. He sits 18 shots behind K.C. Fox.

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